Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trying it out

     Sometimes I just like to try new blocks to get what is in my head so that I can see it. Like, will this block work? Do I have the ability to make lots of them? Hmm. Make and ponder.
     I like the Lattice blocks and I have loads of 5" squares because it is one of the sizes I cut scraps into. I have to dig through the boxes to find enough floral. It also uses 1 1/2" strips which I gave away because I did not think I would use them. So, I pulled out the 2" strip box and am cutting off a half inch. Like!

    A friend gave me a large half hexie template and said to try a braid with large floral fabric. So I did. Don't like. I think I have to add a black or dark strip to separate them in order to not lose the braid.

    I also tried out a block from Bonnie Hunter that I found in an old Quiltmaker Addicted to scraps column. I think the size is a little too small for me- the quarter square triangles, so I will make one block a bit larger and try not to be so pitiful on my quarter square triangles. I had to look up tutorials and ruin some fabric to just get these teeny ones.

  And, because my granddaughter badgered me, I took her shopping to buy fabric for a maxi skirt (her new fave) and made her one (butterflies with glitter) with her assisting. I can sew seams and put in elastic, that is my extent of sewing clothing. 


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I'm with you - lattice block - like - a lot; braid - don't like - needs a square at the "join" to separate them; BH block - don't like - too much going on - too busy for me; maxi skirt - like a lot - too cute!! - ;))

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is all a little girl needs to be happy, seams and elastic. I used to make 2 tier skirts for my granddaughters and sometimes appliqued a piece of the skirt fabric on a T-shirt to match. It doesn't take fancy sewing to make them happy.

The braid: you need more variety in value to make it work, also several different size prints.

Elizabeth said...

I actually like the braid

Louise said...

I really like the lattice! Hmm, may make a few of those myself.