Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Out of the Bag

     Finally, I emptied all the bowtie blocks from a block swap hosted by Barb  that I received last fall. I had made about 25 extra and all the blocks were in a big zip lock. I got the urge to get them all up and see what I had after all these months.
     The first round up I realized I wanted more columns, so I had to make about 20 more. It was hard to scrape up more grays.

      I added all the blocks except duplicates I had made. I only pulled out one block from the swap that no contrast in the color to gray combo- it looked like one piece of fabric.

      For a couple days, I messed around trying to get the lighter ones evenly distributed so they were not all lumped together. I did try lights going to darks, but the busyness of the pattern fought with it. 

I had to just end it and get it down from the wall because I needed it for another quilt. So, I numbered the columns with painters tape and clipped them by columns, Wanda style, and will sew the columns together, then the rows. 


Dre in PA said...

Is this theme intentional or coincidental? Look back at your Kaffe quilt...

Diamonds ARE a girl's best friend!

Barb said...

fun! I like your layout with the offset layout!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I have my blocks from the swap out and they are next up on the design wall -- your layout is one I already had in mine, along with an alternate Idea I want to try. -- mine is destined to be a gifted quilt later this year, so I mustn't delay too much longer. Looking forward to seeing your's stitched!

Preeti said...

Love the riot of colors in this bow-tie quilt. The white/gray background creates added interest. Hope you are doing well, Linda.