Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yikes, more Disney than a body can stand

     Disney characters are not my favorite. Licensed characters rub me the wrong way. However, my former dental hygienist is adopting a 4 year old from a family member in another state and I offered to make her a quilt. When I asked what she liked, it was Disney princesses. Wince. Ok. 
     I used a free star pattern from Craftsy, Star Bright, and it sewed together quickly. The hardest part was the center panel was not the size I needed without cutting off a princess head. So I thought to sew a pink strip around it oversize and then cut it to fit the other blocks. I did it wrong the first time and had to rip out the entire big block, retrim and then it fit. I bought light pink with white stars for the back and need to get the back sewn and quilt done. Fabrics from who always offers lots of novelty fabrics at reasonable prices.
Pinned on wall 
All sewn up, Star Bright Quilt


Elizabeth said...

She will love it.

Louise said...

It is very sweet of you to make this quilt. I'm with you, I don't care for all the licensed characters and try not to use them in my quilts. But when you get a direct request, what can you do?

The star pattern is great, and it was brilliant to fatten up the center square with a strip of pink! Gotta remember that trick.