Sunday, January 3, 2016

What happened in the whirlwind?

     Every year I think because I have a set of lists and plans the holiday season will be manageable. Apparently I live in a delusion. I got creamed by the running around, resulting migraines, food prep, and family stuff. Like getting a cortisone shot in your neck the afternoon before Christmas Eve and then doing Christmas dinner shopping is a recipe for disaster. My sewing studio, (the old living room) had to be all tucked away because the Christmas dinner buffet was going on its long counter. 

     Even the cat preferred to be in a bag. He still managed to cause trouble (chewing/shredding egg cartons everywhere and throwing up the evidence).
      This is why my grand plan to put up my new goals on January 1st did not materialize. I did write them and evaluate last year's, but did not type them in here yet.
     I made a bunch of gifts before Christmas but forgot to photo them in my haste to wrap them. My daughter sent some photos of the purses I made her thankfully. 

     I will get those goals up and some photos of quilts worked on shortly.


Lara B. said...

It seems like no matter how well you plan, the holidays can often get exhausting. We just add other little jobs until it all piles up. Sounds like you accomplished a lot Linda. Hope your migraines are gone now! Such a cute kitty!

Jan said...

I love the purses! The 'chubby ladies diving' - great fabric.

None of us can get everything done we think we are going to. I am still finishing presents in January! And I don't have headaches to slow me down. I just hate the fact you have those awful migraines.