Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kinda, sorta quilty

    I have made some non quilt things for presents. I forgot to take photos of some of them before they got wrapped. I will have to catch them when they get opened. Three dimensional projects are not my strong suit. I did make some. However, today I finished pot holders (think mini quilt- they were free motioned) from some remnants someone gave me. Perfect for the pastry/goodies chef daughter. Never made them before, so there is probably something not right. I bought insulbright from Joann's so they would be more than decorative. However, I had to free motion each side separately because the design on one side would mess up the other. So, there are two layers of insulbright that make a crinkling noise. 
   Two people had birthdays this week, so I made two paperpieced teacups and sewed them to timtex  and glued on cardstock. I tried to make birthday cards that in no way reflected the holiday, but birthdays. Both people are tea drinkers. Hope they got it. My mother did not recognize it was a teacup.
  So, not really quilts but in the same family.
One side

 The other side

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Missy Shay said...

They turned out great!