Saturday, January 9, 2016

Plan B in a Snap

      I made a goal to get on the long arm and get some of the many quilts waiting finished. For the past couple of days, I worked very hard and focused. I had 4" on the bottom to complete and when I moved the machine to bring up a new bobbin thread there was a load growl and a big SNAP! The thread guide above the needle snapped in two. I shut off the machine and waited until my heart stopped beating so hard. On examination, it seems the hopping foot got loose and moved over close the needle and somehow it all went wrong. Nothing seems to be damaged but the guide. A new one will not arrive until at least Saturday in the mail. I have a great Nolting dealer.
     So it took a great deal of self talk to refocus and go piece, not go to pieces. I finished the One Block Wonder border, worked on the snowballed Starcross, sewed 10 rows of the RWB bricks, and finished the A blocks of Calico Rose. Now I have to put them on the wall and figure out placement. The border requires a lot of 2" squares and will be the leader ender project for a while. 
My first time ever mitered border, impressed?
Ten rows, 15 more to web
Calico Rose A and B blocks done

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Elizabeth said...

I noticed that the foot on my Nolting loosened, too. I check it every once in a while now. It would be nice if the screw holding the foot in place were a phillips head or a hex. Straight slot makes it hard to really tighten down. I might have to think about having some parts on hand for just these times.