Friday, January 15, 2016

New day, finally

     For the past weeks, I have been in a migraine trough. Only those of you who are afflicted with chronic migraines need no explanation, the rest of you, I will spare you. I have been to all kinds of professionals with varying degrees of success. In a little while, I will have my third infusion of the week to break it. Today, when I got up, I felt maybe the corner has turned. Only a bit of residual buzzing and dull head pressure. I saw an orange glow when I walked into my sewing studio very early. I took the camera and ran out of the house in robe and nightgown to capture the new day. It really lifted me, I was so grateful.

     Without prayers and faith, I would have stayed in bed. 
The sunrise reflected on my sewing room window 
Inside my sewing room, the glow flows in
     I must say that quilting and sewing keep me moving and working, even when I can't do anything else. I have finished and worked on a lot of stuff that did not take much thinking. I could just keep chucking stuff through the machine and not even count. Before I knew it, a whole pile was sewn. I have been keeping daily notes in a spiral notebook of what I am doing since Jan. 1 and that has helped me to remember and pick up where I was and what needed doing. The only thing I didn't dare do was use the longarm as that goes so fast and my brain not so much.
     I have been taking photos and cropping and getting them ready to show, but I could not put a sentence together. I am planning on doing a best of series- best tools, best techniques, best influences, etc. I am hoping to begin that tomorrow if the infusion works, and alas, more steriods. 
    One project completed was the guild mystery quilt that so needed a final border. Thanks to my daughter, Ria, who suggested a thinner border than I was thinking to match the width of the dark border triangles.
Border audition
Finally, border on and done but for quilting


Vicki W said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! That sunrise is gorgeous.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

the colors of the sunrise are in that quilt. It is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Border perfection. I do hope that you have, indeed, turned the corner. You amaze me that you plow right through those migraines and keep sewing.