Thursday, January 7, 2016

If at first you don't succeed- rip, rip, rip

     I really don't like kits. I like to pick my own fabric and designs. However, I made an exception when Craftsy had a sale on a kit with Kaffe fabric cheaper than I could buy the fabric alone. I love Kaffe fabric, but I hardly ever buy it because I get overwhelmed by the choices and the drama. The pattern (Starcross) came along as a download. 
    Don't know why, but I loathe snowballing. No logical reason- don't mind trimming loads of HSTs or anything, but snowballing makes me boil. Maybe because I feel obligated to use the small triangles cut off instead of throwing them away. I tried sewing some of them, but they are so tiny.
    I did read the pattern, but I am challenged when directions just use shades of gray to explain fabric placement. So, I did two sample blocks as a trial, were wrong. It took some staring to figure out why. So, the whole 9 patch had to be ripped. After being resewn, I got it. I can only make two blocks at a time because the snowball effect takes hold. So then I sew something else and come back to it. There will be 20 blocks when it is done. 
    I do love the fabric. I wish I could figure another way to cut fabric so I did not have to snowball.
More blocks, right


Sarah said...

I agree - love the Kaffe but don't care for the drama. My current project is with Kaffe and I'm dreading picking border fabric this weekend. I'm thinking go really really bold or go home. Sorry on the snowballing but your stars do look great!!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I saw that pattern and like it too. I'm with you on the Connecting Corners. I hate the waste.

Dre in PA said...

Explanation of snowballing for us newbies please...