Thursday, February 26, 2015

Children's Disappearing 9 patch yellow version

       I have been cutting and collecting children's prints from scraps from others and trying to buy some pieces. The Creative Grids Stripology ruler and June Tailor Shape Cut Plus are getting a workout cutting 5" squares and 2 1/2" squares from scraps. I am trying to do an I Spy theme so no two squares are alike. I have enough to do another quilt in all boy theme and not quite enough all girls ones. I need 63 prints to make a 40" x 60" quilt. I tried buying some squares on ebay but I am disappointed in the quality of the fabric. So, hey, if you have kids prints you don't know what to do with, scraps and whatever, I will turn them into Gold Star quilts for the kids camp in July.
Nine Patches all sewn and pressed with fold so I know where to cut.
Takes 16 Nine Patches
Nine Patches cut both ways
All in a stack waiting for the design wall
Arranged on the wall

     All the columns are clipped in order. I will sew pile 1 and pile 2, starting with the top two, continuing sewing 2 together. The pairs are joined at the top and bottom with the chained threads.
     Then I will take pile 3, and sew them one by one to the first pair, second pair, etc. This leaves all the rows sewn held by threads so that each long row can be sewn the next. I have Wanda to thank for this brilliance in putting a quilt together. Everything is in order and together.
All sewn together, backing is ready also

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Let me know how many girl prints you need and I can help you out. I can cut them 5" with my die also.