Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On the wall and another year begins!

     Today marks the beginning of another year for me. I don't know whether to cry or laugh. I will just be thankful for another day. So many ideas, so many quilts, it is overwhelming. Life just gets busier. 
     Thank you to everyone who is a follower and reader. You are my birthday present!
     So what is on the wall? I have been using 2.5" squares of kid prints for leader/enders and slowly putting Fading Charms together, so here is where I am now. Long way to go.
Center and two sides done
     Also, Sarah Craig of Confessons of a Fabric Addict blog, has been doing a Sweet Sixteen series. See side button. I looked through my squares and found 3 mini charm packs that I got free from the Fat Quarter Shop in Houston and sewed them into 16 patches. I will put this together with some denim squares. I will set these blocks slightly off center with gray background. I am figuring it out on graph paper.
Three of the 8 blocks
With denim added
     I have tried to improve my techniques and organization bit by bit. I finally learned how to pin going from left to right. This enables me to use my guides attached to the machine bed, to remove pins with my left hand and put them in the pincushion without letting go of feeding the fabric with my right, and the pins stay in the fabric much better especially like when two opposite borders are pinned at the same time. Maybe every one else knew this, but not me.
Border pinned at top and also at side makes sure the short side does not shift while the long side is sewn. I put the pin through twice on these long pieces.
Another side
Pin put in left to right as seam would be sewn.
The pin heads do not lie outside the fabric.

     I have put a plastic crate I used to use for markers in my graphic design days next to my machine and put every tool back into it instead of laying it on the table, having it fall or get covered up. I have the iron set right behind me with an ironing pad. Makes sewing small stuff so much easier and pleasant.
Crate to right, leader-ender squares to right.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Ha! - I also put an extra pin on the short side of a border - to help keep the corner square. And I pin from left to right - because I'm LEFT-handed - and like to take the pins out with my LEFT-hand ;)) But when you think about it - it really does make more sense to do it that way - doesn't it?? - ;))

Elizabeth said...

LINDA!! I am so bummed that I forgot your birthday! Joyce and Ron were here yesterday and I was so distracted. Happy belated. I am just so thankful that I have my health and my machines and my friends. In that order

Peg said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you too! Sorry I missed the day - didn't check in till now. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog - with fantastic photos. Thanks for all the great ideas and explanations you've given to me and everyone who follows you. You are a truly GENEROUS person!