Sunday, March 29, 2015

The eagle, er Nolting, has landed

     I took the big plunge. I bought a true longarm. No computerization, just me moving it. I happen to have an extraordinary dealer, Delightful Quilting and Sewing, about 1 1/2 hours from me. I met Joyce at a NYS Quilt Consortium meeting and tried out machines in her business. I was able to purchase a used, reconditioned machine from Nolting. Joyce and her husband set it up for me and continue to answer my myriad of questions.
     I hesitated to put up a post because it is such a huge decision, expense, takes so much space and I am afraid people will think I am extravagant. I could no longer push quilts through  a domestic machine with my neck/shoulder issues. 
    So it is here and I have 12" left of a comfort quilt until I get it off and see how much I have to learn. I had to put in the basement and move a lot of stuff, but it is here and hopefully, soon, I will be more proficient.
Hate the knotty pine panels, so dark

Takes a whole wall up


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Relax and enjoy the learning process. It looks like a great machine.

DreinPA said...

I'm looking at the pictures, thinking, "Oh I love the paneling," and boom, next caption.
Once you've gotten muslin and batting samples tacked to the walls, you'll love it (nails in the wall- bulldog clips on your items?)
And who cares what other people think. Anyone who knows you, would neverthink thusly.

Elizabeth said...

Of course, I agree with DreinPA. She puts it so elegantly. I would be inclined to say ".....and the horse you rode in on!" to anyone who thought it was any of their business what you do for yourself. So Good For You!