Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cupcake anyone?

     My beloved daughter is a Phd Organic chemist who is teaching college chemistry part time and bakes and decorates cakes part time; sometimes on the same day. Professor in labcoat and baker in apron. Well, it is her birthday tomorrow, and of course, I would not bake her a cake. So, I make her a cupcake paper pieced as her Birthday card. I found the free pattern on Craftsy. It comes in 10 and 8". This is an 8". It fit in the mailer easier along with some dark sponge candy. Hopefully, she will remember how much her dad and I love her tomorrow as we cannot be in Meadville. 
    I made my share of errors and used the seam ripper a bunch, but I got it done. I think it is cute in a good way. I know she won't see it here as my family does not read or look at my blog.
Wish would have had more time to add some buttons or beads, but it had to get there
    Also, I added a hand dyed fabric border to the denim quilt and I really like it. Waiting for the longarm to finish it. Maybe another month. What a fun quilt!


Terri said...

Your cupcake looks delish. Love the denim, too. Is the "sashing" all the same fabric?

Ria said...

Not totally correct- I do read this! It came in the mail today and is gorgeous!

Linda Swanekamp said...

The sashing is one yard of hand dye, kind of a tie dye look.