Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alphabet Baby Quilt

    Last summer I bought a fabric panel, which I hardly ever do, that was a very nice graphic alphabet, not sicky sweet.
    I needed to make a baby quilt and took it out. There was no way to keep it intact as the panel was very narrow in length. When I went to cut apart the blocks, none of them were square on the fabric, so I had to be content that each block, although I would cut them all 5 1/2", would not be true to the black line border. I did not want them to be overwhelmed by sashing, so I cut 1 1/4" strips from 2 1/2" in my newly organized 2 1/2" strip bin. I thought the greens would complement and separate the blocks without calling attention to themselves. I was fortunate I had just the right strip colors and just enough of them.
    I chain pieced all the sashings, pressed, and sewed the blocks together. I auditioned many backgrounds, but they either overtook the blocks or fought with them. Finally, I decided on the yellow orange polka dot. I wish I owned every polka dot fabric. Now, I need to find a backing and get it quilted!
Chain piecing on the trusty, marvelous, speedy 301
First strips

Arranged on the wall
39 x 58 right now

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