Thursday, February 12, 2015

Revamping, cleaning and so on

     I finished some projects and sold the Bailey Home Quilter in preparation for the addition of a longarm coming in March. I cannot fit it anywhere in my sewing area or anywhere as a matter of fact except the basement. I have run a tape measure everywhere in the house and can come up with no other alternative.
     I divided my 2 1/2" squares into light, medium, and dark in baskets right next to my sewing machines for ease of making leader enders. I used to have them light and dark, but really, the mediums need to be figured differently.
     You can actually see the beautiful table my husband made and all the thread dribbles and lint are cleaned off now. I think this is a good use of my space as I work on multiple machines depending on what projects are flying.

Darks to left, mediums right

Just can't squeeze the treadles in the photo!

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