Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wonder about one block wonders

      On Saturday, March 22nd, my quilt guild learned how to make the one block wonder quilt. A very generous member helped us every step of the way, as a group and separately. These are based on the book One Block Wonder Quilts by Maxine Rosenthal. I tried to photo the starting fabric and the resulting pieces. We are continuing to sew these, so eventually, I hope to have some quilt photos.
    The first set of photos shows the fabric chosen and a few blocks. You need to have 6 sets of repeats in a registered pile before cutting strips, and then triangles.
     This is what the quilt looks like when done, one example:
Cathy's excellent work

My fabric, one repeat
First try
Umpteenth try, maybe final
    Now, I will have the daunting task of sewing the rows together and not getting mixed up.


Peg said...

How does sewing together 6 sided blocks go? Looks a bit difficult. How would these type blocks look if they were made of 4 triangles instead of 6 so that all the blocks were square and easier to assemble and sew?

I really like how these quilts look, but I'm intimidated by getting all those block corners to meet up.

Jan said...

They look fabulous. Still working on mine! The most interesting to me was the one that was all animal prints, with antlers, etc. Love how it turned out. Never saw that coming!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Peg, it looks more difficult than it is. The triangles are only sewn for half the hexagon, top half and bottom half. They are pinned together for the arranging of the hexagons. With the seams pressed open, it is easier to line up. The half hexagons are sewn in rows just one seam at a time. Then the rows are joined together, no y seams. Tedious maybe, but not hard.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Jan, I am pushing myself to keep sewing because I don't want to loose interest. I was thinking of glue basted the side seams in the rows, so I don't have all these pins sticking me.

Jan said...

I finally finished all my blocks... 110! I had that wide home dec fabric. They are so pretty and NOT BORING to make. Every one is different. Now to lay them out, I think I am going to make two smaller quilts instead of one huge one.