Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hudson River Valley Workshop and me

     Well, I can't put it off any longer, I will have to write about the workshop I took at the Hudson River Valley Artist's Retreat on March 29 - April 1st with Rayna Gillman. I had looked forward to this for a whole year. I have Rayna's books, so I knew her work. 
     We worked on improv type quilts. There were 12 students from all over the US and all of them were great people to be around at a workshop. They were sharing, kind, helpful and good at what they did. The accomodations are an old Bed and Breakfast Inn from 1889 and the studio is the old carriage house. We ate breakfast and dinners together. Watching the other people work taught me a lot. I always thought that I could do improv type quilting as I make art quilts. I found out that some ways of working are very difficult for me to think through. Our first work was to sew little pieces, like squares or scrap units. Then these units were put into a larger piece trying to find relationships to unite them. Trouble for me. I usually start my work with some composition or inspiration to hang the work on. No matter how many times I put the pieces on the design wall, I could not make sense of them without it looking like chop suey.
The carriage house/studio
Some of the units I made

Rayna's units, tiny
My units on the wall, larger

Trying to evaluate in B&W

More evaluate in B&W
Really trying

Not getting it
What I left with
What I have now after ripping out much of the top at home
     I am going to save the other project's photos for another post, because this is getting long.


Jan said...

This is really cool. I think it looks good. I like how you tied it together with the blue. I don't know Rayna Gilman's work so I'l have to look into it. Looks like fun!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love what you left with. Have you thought about not ripping but instead starting a new piece and putting the other up on a design wall to just digest over a couple weeks time?