Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inching along One Block Wonder

     I decided the layout and just went for it. I sewed the first two rows across and sewed them together. I put safety pins with tape numbers at the beginning of each row. Now, most of you are probably ace with pins, but pinning all the separate pieces, and sewing them (I chain pieced, alternating rows, two rows at time, bringing the next row after sewing the previous), was challenging. The pins kept falling out, I had to stop and straighten each one before sewing and it was slow. So I got this brainwave to use the glue basting method. 
     I set my ironing board right in front of the design wall and took down one row at a time, setting them in order on the board. I glued a thin line on the first piece, laid the second in place, pressed with a hot, dry iron, opened the second piece up, glue line on its edge and continued gluing all across the row. After gluing, I hung each strip row on the wall hanging vertically. After sewing the pieces, again chain piecing two rows at a time, I hung them on the other side of the design wall. No pins to fall out, just sew, everything laying absolutely on target. Now, I know it took time to glue them, but honestly, pinning and straightening have to take as long. I think I personally, was much more accurate with nothing slipping. I will pin the rows horizontally and not glue the seams then.
Seam in the middle of the photo is glued, ready for sewing
Ironing board set in front of design wall, forgot to take photo
when blocks were being glued
Glued rows waiting for sewing, safety pin row numbers at top

Two rows, individual pieces sewn in tandem, waiting for pinning to sew together


Elizabeth said...

A OBW is my next project. I know that I would get confused chain stitching the rows. Nice job. Gluing=good tip

Jan said...

I like the gluing idea, too. I am ready to lay mine out... I think I may try the gluing technique. I think these will be hard to do accurately if I don't. Great tip.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Elizabeth, you won't get confused. I have safety pins with row numbers on them and I send one row through, start to feed another, clip the back row and feed it in. There is only one possible row to feed it at a time.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I would do gluing again in a heartbeat.