Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Second Hudson River Valley workshop project

     For the next project, we were challenged to pick two colors we do not like and link them with a third. Uh, oh brain is not liking this process and is not cooperating. I chose grey and orange. A couple of wonderful women gave me some orange strips because I did not bring a color I did not like. The little store in the Inn had some greys fat quarters I bought. So, I cut up lots of strips and started sewing them together. Rayna recommended that I sew the orange ones really thin as it was not looking good. After staring at this for a long while, I thought of rock formations which I love. I started to arrange these pieces as a rock wall. 

First placement
Current placement at home
    This will take more work and careful arrangement, but I think it will go somewhere.
     Well, one of my goals this year to was to travel to a big deal workshop like this and learn. And so I did even though it was painful at times. I would love to show you the others' work, but I don't feel comfortable without their permission. Rayna has many of them on her blog, http://studio78notes.blogspot.com
     I wish I could have worked faster and caught on sooner, but I did it. I want to finish the grey orange one and start on a new piece, but I will work from my photos or a sketch next time. I definitely pushed outside my comfort zone and lived to blog about it.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like this second piece too. I don't have a color I don't like so this would have been hard.

Peg said...

Same with me - Nature presents all colors in her awesome, wonderful palette. Right now the lichens are very visible and vibrant - your work reminds me of their subtle, yet exquisite harmonies. I love the grey and orange como - especially the thin orange strips - AND ... there are so many shades of grey.


Elizabeth said...

Good For You. I guess the idea was to take a color you don't like and make something beautiful with it to help deepen the creative process? At first I wondered, "What's the point of working with colors you don't like?" Your talent comes through, even with colors you don't like. Nice job.