Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pin basting and tables

    For my Christmas present, my husband bought me 3, 6' tables- the plastic ones that fold in half for storage. It was the best present. Finally, I can baste my quilts, and not lay them out not on the floor. It is great. Over the weekend, I was able to baste 4 quilts. I usually spray baste the lap size, but it is too cold for the spray to work outside. I hate to pin baste mostly because it rips up my fingers. I always leave the pins open in the container, but closing them is not fun. Someone at my guild suggested a grapefruit spoon. Lo and behold, there was one in my drawer. However, I did not know how I was supposed to use it, on what part of the pin? After about 10 minutes of fooling around, I realized that the serrated groove in the spoon holds the pointed shaft of the pin and the other hand pushed the clasp to it. Sorry, I am not the sharpest crayon in the box. So maybe someone would benefit from this simple tip, like I would have. I have to say, not one shredded or poked finger after 4 quilts, so it works like a charm. Don't you just love when something so simple works so elegantly?

3 new tables!

The inspector general checks out the pin basting

Catch the pointed shaft in the teeth of the spoon, it helps to tilt the spoon

Push the catch to the spoon and click, no ouchies


Michelle said...

I don't pin baste, but what an awesome idea!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Since it is too frigid to spray baste, pins are it. I don't long arm and this works!