Thursday, February 20, 2014

401 Bubble bath time!

   Well, not actually a bubble bath, but serious scrubbing time. The receptionist at my physical therapist's office told me about an old machine she had and didn't know if it was worth tuning. I told her to bring it and I would grab it at the next appointment. It was a wonderful 401! Her husband had bought it used for her when they got married. It was running, but very gunky with hardened oil and grease. I have it almost cleaned except for the tension dial and polishing with TR3. I used rubbing alcohol to get rid of the gunk with qtips and wooden pointed sticks in all the gears and cam stack. Everything was pretty hardened up and stuck on. I love when it all comes off and the metal looks like new. I have not taken the finished photos yet. It is a great machine.
Under the hook

Camstack with gunk

Handwheel removed

Needle bar area

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