Thursday, February 27, 2014

401 cleaned and out the door!

     The 401 is totally cleaned and tuned. I delivered it to its owner, the receptionist at my PT on my visit for the neck. After all the gunk was cleaned out and oiled. there was a little corrosion to the tension discs in the tension dial. I had to disassemble, polish and reassemble. Good thing I have a 401 so I could check I was putting it together right. I always forget to photo something before I take something apart. I guess I am just too eager to jump in and fix. There was some other corrosion starting in the hook and thread guides. It needed a new spool pin, new felts, a new bobbin tire and lots of oil. The finishing touch was polishing with TR3. Just love the stuff. It does not harm the decals and the shine is so glass-like. It was missing the drip pan, it sits in a cabinet and I could not talk her into buying one on ebay. It has all the accessories except the straight stitch foot. 

All shiny! Yes, I know the spool pin is still missing in this photo.
I had not drilled out the old one yet.

No more gunk or corrosion

All the lint scrapped out along with hard gunk.
Isn't that machining just gorgeous?


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

There is nothing as pretty as a clean old mechanical machine. They are such workhorses.

nankc said...

Is your TR3 the kind in the blue can?

Linda Swanekamp said...

The 401s are workhorses and so elegant. It is my go to zig zag machine. It can sew layered denim and couch yarns as well as regular sew with perfect stitches. Love mine.
The TR3 is in a blue and silver can. Got it at Pep Boys. I use cotton balls until they come clean, polish with an old flannel cloth. You would be amazed on the old black machines. Sometime, I will show the before and after on the Lotus.

Michelle said...

Great Job!