Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting the values right

    I have been sewing, well mostly fighting with sewing machines. I have been having migraine issues which make it hard to get these blog posts written. However, I want to pass on a tip to get the values organized with a quilt. I am working on my daughter's quilt that is all curves (Circle Dance from January 20th)  and have to line up the values. I used the camera set on B&W to see the values and rearranged the fabric until it flowed from the darks to the lightest values. I find that the red cellophane window works mostly ok, but the turquoise values will read as really dark with the red. This value chart will help when I sew the curves together so I have the most contrast to keep the eye moving. I still tweaked a couple after the photo.
The two parts of the drunkards path from dark to light

You can see the progression much better in black and white


Karin said...

Thank you so Very Much for the black and white tip. I love this post.
Karin From

Peg said...

What a good idea!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Once I get the blocks sewed, I plan on using the B&W again so I get a dynamic circle arrangement.