Saturday, August 26, 2017

Organizing those colorwash squares

     I have been cutting and saving 2 1/2" squares for colorwash quilts. I have made a couple small ones, but want to make a larger one. I tried using the aluminum trays from the Dollar store like Wanda, but every time I moved the tray, the squares slid off and the trays bent.

     Next, I used the cardboard boxes from cat food cans and although the boxes were not slippery, they took up an inordinate amount of room in my studio and were, well, ugly.

      I kept searching for ideas, and found some cafeteria trays on Amazon that have a grippy texture and are light and low profile. I took a chance and ordered the set of 24 and have all the batik squares on them and it takes up no room at all. I have to move my floral ones now and I don't know if I have enough trays. I will put these trays in a plastic box to protect them from Tugger, the trouble cat and from me spilling them.
See how wonderful they stack- they all have fabric on them
Transferring to plastic


Debbie said...

Oh, those are nice!!!! I tried the aluminum trays but had no place to store them and they buckled on me too. I now use parts bins with 2'' sections in them for mine. When I work on a larger project, I will pull out squares in values and put them on a metal tray to work from...but they are slippery. So now I know to look for a few lunch room trays. Great idea!

Mystic Quilter said...

This is how I stored my pieces when making Red Sea Sunset, everything was kept in order - sort of!! Good luck with keeping your little companion from creating mayhem with them!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Super solution!