Friday, August 18, 2017

It's here- Shibori II!

     I made a couple of HST star quilts from a layer cake of Shibori (Moda) that I got a deal on from MSQC. But then I could never get any more of that fabric. And I loved it. 
     I heard that Moda was planning a Shibori II line and have been looking for any hint of it showing up. When I went to the Adirondacks, which is a remote place, I walked into the Crazy Moose Quilt Shop in Inlet, NY and UPS had just delivered bolts of it. It was closing time, but I asked if I could have half yards of 15 of them, the ones that had the most design. I came back the next day to pick up and pay the damages and also bought 2 panels (which I never do) that had beautiful outdoor scenes (not corny). Now, I have to decide what to make with these. They are beautiful. If you want this fabric, buy it now, I am sure it will disappear like last time.

Folded nicely
     One of my sister in laws spent six weeks in Nepal early summer and brought me back this fabric, a yard of each. Not sure what to make.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Glorious fabrics - so rich and full of depth.

Mystic Quilter said...

It's interesting to red that Moda have a Shibori line, I made shibori for a number of years on both silk and cotton and enjoyed the results. Nice fabrics from Nepal - you'll suddenly hit on an idea for using them I'm sure.

Sarah said...

Gee thanks, now I have to go back to the Crazy Moose on trip #2 in September. Wink. Like I needed a reason. Love those Nepalese fabrics- i see lits of fussy cutting options.

Peg said...

I'm not familiar with shibori. It looks like tie dye. Have you tried to make some of this fabric at home?