Friday, August 5, 2016

Tuckaway totes and pocket scarf

     I bought this pattern a while ago from McKenna Linn and made some of these totes. I had some presents to give and I thought these totes would be wonderful. I used mine at the AQS Syracuse show and it was very useful. When it was folded I could use it for my water bottle and when I made purchases, I had a non plastic, very strong (and pretty) tote. I made two at a time and loved the way they turned out. I only sew flat things, so for me these were not difficult.
Choosing colors and sizes 
Tote opened full size 

All folded up
     I also kind of fabricated an infinity scarf with a zipper pocket so it can hold money, cards, etc. I looked at a lot of them online, and came up with a version that needs NO handsewing. I basted the zipper in the seam with scotch tape and it is not an ace job (Andrea will laugh), but I am a quilter, what do I know about zippers? It was also a gift and my friend really loved it. It was a smooth knit that looked like rayon batik. Wish I had one.
Doubled up to wear
The zipper pocket in the seam.

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