Friday, August 5, 2016

Those two words- Stash enhancement

     They either strike fear or joy into your heart. Maybe a bit of each. I received a box of donated fabric from a friend for my comfort quilts. The fabrics were from a closed quilt store. Sob. Nice big pieces for backings and loads of batiks. Drooling starting when I opened the box.
      The other fabrics I bought from Wanda. I added to my reds and yellows and bought teal, blues for a king size quilt for my daughter. Now I have to get them folded and put away. Need to make a trip for more plastic boxes. Just folding fabric makes me happy. Cutting it out and making a quilt makes me delirious. 
      Just looking at the photos inspire me. Thank God I have the eyesight to see colors.
Whatever is inside??
Can Wanda pack fabric or what?
Blues for King Size
Red enhancement
Yellow enhancement
Extra bits of blues

Scraps tucked in


Quiltdivajulie said...

Wanda can indeed pack fabric! What glorious additions to your stash - have fun fondling and folding those beauties!

Chris said...

Wow, what great goodies you received! Gorgeous arrays of color - Wanda's stash is the best! I have known her for years, I've never met anyone like her - exuberant, just like her blog title! Have fun playing with your new fabric!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my heart! What gorgeous fabrics!

Louise said...

Oooooooooh! Aaaaaaahhh! So wonderful!

I love to fold fabric, too. Making neat piles that are all the same dimensions, stacking them in order. It's hard to actually put them away; I just want to sit and ogle the fabric...