Friday, August 19, 2016

Rainbows on the Wall

    I got nabbed by a rainbow color jelly roll recently on MSQC and thought I would use it to make the Cutting Corners quilt by MSQC. I sewed strip sets, warm and cool, five strips to a set. They were then trimmed into 10" blocks. White 10" blocks were layered on them, right sides together, and they were sewn all around the perimeter. Then they were cut diagonally and ironed opened. I trimmed all of them the same size with the Bloc Loc ruler (love it). 
This is the 10" square strip set of 5, sewn all around
Front of the sandwich- a white 10" square
Sliced diagonally
Opened out- two blocks with strips parallel to center line,
2 with strips perpendicular to center line
Trimming with Bloc Loc
Trimmed blocks with scrap trimmings-
those little bits mean a lot in fitting
   When I put them on the wall, it did not look right as the colors were so different and it did not make a cohesive looking, block by block, quilt. I removed them and tried the Starburst Quilt, MSQC, and it did not read as a cohesive design due to all the colors. 
Design does not cohere together due to fractured colors
     I looked through my files that I keep in Evernote of quilts I like and their tutorials. I found one that I modified. There are two kinds of blocks in these sets- ones with the strips parallel to the HST angle, and another where the strips are perpendicular to the angle. I played with that idea and grouped them accordingly in the secondary design.
Main block arrangement, cool colors
First try, whoops, one center diamond strips at top is not oriented right, and whoops, two blocks short, have to make another set
Everything oriented right, extra blocks made and added.
Love the look! Now it is off the wall,
clipped by column ready to web sew


Quiltdivajulie said...

Really like the way you worked with this -- terrific quilt top in the making.

Missy Shay said...

Wow, what a neat block! The layout looks great!

Micki @ 2 Dogs Studio said...

very your layout.

Lesley Gilbert said...

Nice result in the end - thanks for sharing your thought process in photo's :)

Louise said...

You nailed it! I love this layout; such a great use of the entire rainbow.