Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stalled, then sewn, colorwash

     I have been looking at my colorwash on the little portable design wall. Finally, I moved it to my big wall. I was having a hard time getting it right. I need more medium blues to make the transition.  I went through more fabric looking to pieces to fill in. 

Moved the dark pieces out a row. Still have lots of holes.

     This is the last try before sewn. I moved and added and added and quit when I was ready to scream.
    Then I sewed it in the web method so I would not get anything out of whack, and yet, I did. Some squares that I placed new ones on top of remained on top when I picked up the squares by columns (unknowingly). So when sewing the columns, I would occasionally have one left over. I went back to the last photo, figured it out, ripped, and resewed.
    Upon sewing, I have to say, I like the wall version better because there was more light in it. I wanted a stronger glow of light. Wanda told me it was alright, but it isn't like it was in my head. If you want to see awesome colorwashes, go to Exuberant Color and search. 
     I will add a facing, no border or binding, but it is low on my list to quilt.


Peg said...

Wow!!! This one REALLY appeals to me. Absolutely beautiful. I don't do much quilting for my sewing projects, but I'd love to try one like this. Great job.

Quilter Bridget said...

Beautiful!!! My first quilt was a watercolor quilt and it was quite a challenge...10 years later I still haven't attempted another one!

Jan said...

It is amazing to me, as a sew-er turned quilter, how much those damn quarter inch seams matter. I see what you mean when you post the photos together. I don't know how you would have known, or what you could have done. If it looked "too light" on the design wall you wouldn't have been done with it. Color washes are a special type of quilt design, that's for sure.

I love that you used all floral prints.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Beautiful!! I agree with Jan - watercolor quilts are a special type of quilt design. I've made a couple and found that if I moved one square, I wound up moving at least a dozen more - until I finally got tired and decided to STOP moving them and to just sew them together - ;))

Elizabeth said...

I love it. Send it to me and I will quilt it right up for you!

Sue said...

I really, really, really like this!

Barb said...

very nice! I haven't seen one in years and it's great. good color placements.