Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thread Mess

     It was a one in a million shot. Letting the Nolting warm up, unthreaded from the tension disc forward with me sitting one foot away winding bobbins, and disaster struck.
     Unsuspecting, the thread got sucked into the tiny crack next to the handwheel, and for 5 minutes of warm up, wound itself around the shaft. When I turned the machine off after warmup, I noticed the thread going next to the handwheel. It was stuck, and when I probed it with a long pin, I could tell it was really wound thick. Nothing thinner than a pin fits in there. I tried unwinding it going in reverse with the handwheel, and got 40 minutes of unwinding done and then the thread frayed and broke. 
    After a trip to the hardware store and $30 later, I got an American set of allen wrenches (had metric) and found it was a 9/32 wrench that got off the side panel to see things better. It gave no more clearance for the handwheel, but I could get all the thread pieces picked up plus the pin I had dropped into the slot. I had to make a hook with a very long pin held with pliers and pry and break all the thread and remove. Total time: 4 1/2 hours.
     Moral of the story, I am clipping the thread to the machine when warming up. I had clipped it to the velcro strip, but am now clipping it to the CD under the thread cone. One for the books. My hair was already white.
A large portion of the thread removed. Brand new spool, too. 
Thread was stuck in narrow slot to left of handwheel 
Arrow points to clip securing thread


Elizabeth said...

Oh Dear. I always drape my thread back over the three hole thread guide. I like the clipping idea better.

Dre in PA said...

Ugggh. Just one of those moments that leaves you banging your head against the wall. In reality, just another excuse to buy tools, and know your machine one step better.
Sorry to hear it.