Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Newest member of the Herd

     Yes, I added another machine. My favorite machine is the Singer 301. I have a couple LBOWs. I found out someone locally had one they wanted to sell. It had not been used in years. It came with a case, some attachments, AND a card table. How could I not rescue it? It is a black one which some people think is the best (not me). I don't think the paint is as well applied as the LBOW. It was very dirty inside and the paint was cloudy. I opened everything up, cleaned with Krud Kutter, TR3 Polish, aluminum/magnesium polish and lots of rags. Oiled, greased. Added an LED bulb. New bobbin tire. I was in such a hurry to see how it worked, I closed the machine up without photographing the clean insides, so you will have to trust me. I fired it up last night and after decades of no use, it purred and made a perfect stitch without any adjustment. Wow.
     I have to say this is the best machine for piecing- visibility, direct drive motor, stability, perfect straight stitch, just love, love.
    When I was visiting a sewing machine/fabric store in another city yesterday, I was told by the owner (very nice woman), that I needed to evolve and get a new machine. That sounds nice, but I believe sewing machines have devolved in basic engineering and soundness. I had bought a $2200 machine over 5 years ago and it could not quilt or stay out of the shop which led me to the 301 and my vintage journey. 
   Another 301 ready for use and enjoyment.
Dirty, cloudy
Decades of dust and discolor 
Loads of dirt, grease and muck 

Piecing anyone?


Elizabeth said...

I love my Black 301. I wish it were a long bed, but it sits in a cabinet anyway. I have a Mocha Long Bed for class. It isn't as quiet but the stitch is just fabulous. I don't have any more LBOWs but to satisfy that craving, I still have my 401

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I do love the 301's also. I think I have two black ones (short and long bed) and two or three LBOW ones. Have fun!