Friday, February 26, 2016

Susan's little dresses

     My friend, Susan, remembered me saying something about making little girl dresses for girls in Africa a while back. Somehow, she decided to involve her different fiber groups in making some. She gave me over 90 dresses. A group from my church is going to an orphanage in Costa Rica over Easter break, and they will take them to the girls.
     Susan, herself, made over 20. She is a true artist. Her dresses are breathtaking. She used her stash of batiks to make these. Her friends urged her to sell them, not donate them. Susan really wanted to give them, and I think they were stealing her joy in giving. She lives on disability (due to head trauma from a car accident- hit by a semi) which is very little and I do understand their concern, but Susan loves to give. I thought I would show some of her creations. I took photos of her work before I took the dresses to the missions trip leader. These are only a few of them. They are the pillowcase style. There is a group called Dress a Girl around the world that has a pattern and sends dresses out continually. Our church group will carry them in their suitcases in individual ziploc bags.


Anonymous said...

What lovely dresses! I'm sure the little girls who receive them will LOVE to wear them. And what a generous gesture for your friend Susan to use her creative talents to make someone beautiful and happy. I especially like the little green dress.

Studies have shown, time and time again, that, proportionately, the most generous and empathetic people are those with little financial means and apparently Susan is a great example - especially for those of greater means to emulate her.

A good way to help her to recharge her creativity and generosity would be to donate useful sewing items like leftover fabrics, unused needles and especially leftover THREAD.

We are so fortunate to be born in America. I also applaud your Church group who will be visiting communities in Central America. Studies have also shown that helping girls stay in school in poorer countries is the best help that those from more fortunate locals can do.

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Barb said...

amazing what we can accomplish. How generous! The dresses are so cute and will be much loved I'm sure.