Saturday, February 20, 2016

Quilted not bound

     I have been able to only get two quilts done on the longarm. I have so many to do. These two are done, but need binding. I usually wait until I have at least 3 until I bind them because to drag fabric choices out, cut, iron, and glue- it is easier in groups.
     The first is one made from blocks that were in a bundle of scraps and fabric donated to me.

The back- the stripe is actually bright pink, not orange
Detail of quilting by block on back
     The next one is Bright Birches, using made fabric for the strips. I varied the quilting the long way, using a pattern for each long space from top to bottom, and then using a different pattern for the next long space after the Birch strip.

Details of quilting 
Details of quilting 
Details of quilting 

Back of quilt


Sue said...

Very nice!

Deanna said...

The quilts and the quilting are lovely! I really enjoy binding, because when that is done it is really a finished quilt and not just a bunch of fabric.

Missy Shay said...

I've never the block pattern on the first quilt. They both turned out nice.

Elizabeth said...

I love them both. Quilting certainly makes the quilt!

Elizabeth said...

How was it quilting through all of those seams in the made fabric. I think I will rename it to FF (Fabricated Fabric). I love alliterative acronyms.