Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Plastics and organization

     When I was a public school art teacher, I was the plastics queen. Because I had so many classes and grades, I used plastic bins to set everything up, store everything, and organize materials. I spent hundreds of dollars of my own money to do this. I saved some of the bins for fabric. I stored a yard and over in large flat plastic boxes. However, it is getting harder to lift these in and out of my closet when I am searching for bindings and backings.
     An expensive trip to Target bought some new plastic into the plan. I must say I bought these because they are made in the USA and the brand is Sterilite. Actually, my husband had bought some plastic bins for his work shop and I absconded with them to try and see if they were a good size. They were and he did not get them back. I bought more. I bought the rest in the store and now he has none. And he still loves me, go figure.
     I bought some bins for smaller pieces and it is slower going because anything smaller than a fat quarter, I am cutting into set sizes with the Stripology ruler and filling other flat bins with those sizes. The Calico Rose quilt, Fading Charms, Film at Five all used squares that had all been previously cut up. 
     I finished the large pieces, but am chipping away at the smaller yet. Here is the progress so far.
Early on, big boxes removed from closet. New bins in front, mess all around
New bins in closet, labelled, could still use shelves. Will hubby build them for me if I buy him some new boxes?
New boxes for smaller fabric by color 
Closet part way done, blue handles are new boxes.
Other old ones need sorting yet.


Dre in PA said...

Glad you are getting out of the house...

Elizabeth said...

I hang up my fabric. Our friend Dre suggested that. You could ditch those clothes and hang up some of the larger pieces. I suggest wood hangers.