Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Red, White and Blue for a veteran

     I don't often make red, white and blue quilts. However, a man who is our town supervisor- is a veteran who actively is involved in veteran activities. He was also a history teacher and is a true public servant. I found out this week that he had emergency heart surgery out of no where- just went for a check up and wham! Although I have comfort quilts on hand, I think he needed a red, white and blue. And quick.
    I looked through all patterns that I have earmarked on the computer and thought that this 5 Star from Mary's quilts would just be perfect. There were not a whole lot of directions there. It also gave me an excuse, um, reason to buy a 6.5" Bloc Loc Ruler for the HSTs. I had all the fabric from my stash except the border. I made sure I cut everything out, sewed all the components and pressed before assembling. I used the webbing technique taught by Wanda, Exuberant Color,  to put it together. Now I have to finish the quilt on the long arm and get this one on pronto.
With borders

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