Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More Rail Fence Progress

      I am continuing to work on the Rail Fence Quiltalong with the Cultural Fusion Blog. I posted the nine I have done there, but no details. Following, for those interested, are some details that have helped me.

     I have nine blocks completed and 7 pairs yet cut. I don't know if I will make 2 small quilts or one big. So much depends on the colors. I used 6" pairs because I bought a Tonga Treats sale kit from Craftsy that included 6"-ish strips for a pattern, that when I looked closely, did not like. I added some of my own batiks. I could have cut the strips to 5 1/2", like in the Cultural Fusion book, but I did not want to waste a 1/2" of fabric. 
     After cutting the strip pairs the long way and sewing them, I ironed them and trimmed them to 5 1/4" wide (with my Stripology ruler), and then cut them in 5 1/4" blocks. I was able to get 4 blocks with very little waste out of each strip. I used spray starch instead of steam all through the ironing. 

     I laid the blocks out in the right configuration.

I placed the second column over the first- right sides together, ready to sew- chain piecing style.

I staggered each stack to take to the sewing machine.
Second color block set stacked to chain piece

 I staggered the remaining two columns to add chain piecing style. I did two different color block combinations at a time using them as leader-ender pieces so the whole block would be webbed together just needing the rows sewn. Then I pressed all the newly sewn seams.
All webbed blocks, just need rows sewn, nothing can turn out of place!

     The rows were then sewn, the greens block row, the next red/blue block row after, until all rows sewn (one color block row follows the other). Final pressing done on the rows. This way two color block combinations are made at the same time, economical use of thread, effort, and I don't get the orientation of the individual units mixed up and have to rip.


Janie said...

Beautiful! Batik always a winner. thanks for showing your process, I'm always fascinated by how things were put together. It encourages me and helps me think out my projects. thanks again.

Missy Shay said...

i like the pattern you are putting them in.

Dre in PA said...

Is it the strip ruler that gives them the "irregular" appearance? They are very evenly wonky. (Newbie here).