Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fabric Shopping- Yes!

     After a Quilt Guild Consortium New York State Meeting last Wednesday, deep in the middle of nowhere Central New York State, we took a ride to Ithaca and visited Quilters Corners, I think one of my favorite quilt stores. Too bad it is three hours from me.
     I had a gift certificate and spent every cent. 
     First, I bought the end of the bolt, which was on sale, for a one block wonder quilt. I think it will be just the right softness, but enough color. There is over 6 yards there. Repeat is 24" so it should be nice and big.

    Second, I bought half yard pieces of fabric so I can add these to some Japanese fabric I bought on closeout over a year ago. I am planning on making Lattice out of Cultural Fusion.
New Fabric
Japanese fabric bought over a year ago

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Peg said...

Guess I live "deep in the middle of nowhere" - 15 miles south of Quilters Corners, fabulous quilting shop of Ithaca NY, aka "The Little Apple" of our state. But, have you ever been even further into "nowheresville" to a HUGE quilting fabric store near Sydney NY, called The Fieldstone House? They may perhaps have an acre of fabric stacked floor to ceiling in a huge barn in a very pastoral setting. If anyone is going to the Cooperstown region, be sure to check this place out.