Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just L-O-V-E the fabric scraps!

    Two generous women on the quilt retreat gave me an ultra big bag of scraps. It took me all week to sort out. Some were batiks that I sort out separately. All the bigger pieces I could cut into blocks, I pressed and stacked to cut. Any strip type pieces I sorted by color and put by color in my shallow stacking plastic boxes. The batiks, if small were put loose into baskets by color. Bigger pieces were folded and put by color value into shoebox type boxes. All that color was pure joy!

Strips being sorted by color

Sorting batik scraps by color

Bigger batik pieces

Pieces to press and cut into blocks

Kid fabric sorted out
     The sewing studio part is pretty neat now. The inspector general approves of the quilt yet not finished being FMQ.
Yes, somedays I use all the machines. Each has its purpose.

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