Saturday, March 1, 2014

Batik scrap scarf

   I love scraps, tiny batik ones too. I have made some small wall quilts with them and I decided to try a scarf. I used 60" x 6" of sticky water soluble interfacing on my table and added background scraps, light blues. I overlapped and layered them. Then I added greens for leaves in separate areas. Last, I added colors for flowers. I was thinking roses, but I am not sure that is how they will turn out. Before I layered another water soluble interfacing piece on top (ran out of sticky water soluble), I drizzled a little washable Elmer's glue. Where the drops were too big, it ate through the top layer of interfacing. Hmm, better think that out better next time.
  Then I free motioned densely over all the scarf with YLI invisible thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Then, using blue Glide thread, I FMQ the blue background, the green thread over the leaves. I am debating about dissolving the interfacing now, and then FMQ the flowers so I can see them better. I tried to photo the steps so you could see the process.

Laying out the background

Continuing to add pieces

Layering leaves and flowers

Flowers down the length
Free motion with Singer 15, works like a charm
Blue thread being added
Green thread on leaves


Peg said...

Can't wait to see without the interfacing. What happens with all the raw edges when you wash & wash & wash?

PS I like your new comments set up.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I may dissolve the interfacing, then finish up on the flowers. I don't know what the raw edges will do. I have stitched pretty densely, so maybe that will hold it or I have to add ribbon edging or something.