Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's kid stuff!

     My mom finished sewing strips I gave her from jellyrollfabric.net/  One set of the blocks is the pattern from there, diagonal variations. I cut the animal skins jelly roll in half the long way and paired it with a greys roll and a white on white roll. This will make two comfort quilts. After I cut the tube, they really need squaring up, so I have to trim all 58 blocks to 8". Then I will have two quilts, 5 blocks by 6 blocks. Then add borders. These could be for a child or a man, I think.

Blocks cut from a tube of strips
     The next quilt I forgot to photo while on the design wall. I labeled the block numbers and took it down before I remembered. These blocks are 12.5" each and are made from 5" squares. I only used kid fabric in four squares so I could stretch the kid fabric I have.

    The next quilt is from strips again. It is the 3 Dudes pattern. I only had enough strips to have them sewn in groups of 4. This makes for small blocks. I think I will sew the 4 as shown and put sashing in between so I can get a decent size lap quilt.
Four blocks cut from one set of squares

One of the squares, another one sewn with stripes in the opposite direction

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