Friday, December 13, 2013

Wonder-full times

     As a chronic migraine sufferer, days when I have no headache are super terrific and wonderful. As a quilter, from pieces of fabric, to complete, textural quilts is awesome and wonderful. As a vintage sewing machine tinkerer, removing filth, rust, and disuse and having a quality object purring better than its new counterparts is awesome and full of wonder. My grandchildren have entered into the wonder-full spot with fabric. The 20 month old discovered a bag of my teeny tiny scraps given to me and not yet sorted. With great glee she kept tossing them over herself and the floor...for 30 minutes. My three year old grandson joined in also. Another day this week, my grandson asked me what was ouchy on my machines, and I said just the needle. "So where is it, Grandma Linda?", he asked. When I showed him, he aked, "What does it do?". I had him pick out two scraps and put it under the treadle's needle and had him turn the spoked wheel until the fabric feed through. When I took out the fabric, and showed him the two pieces were now one, his eyes opened wide and mouth fell open. And then he said, "My arm hurts, that's enough." So I told him next time we will get out the handcrank. Does it get any better than this? Two grandchildren who think grandma's entire room filled with vintage sewing machines and fabric are cool and no big deal? Many adults ask me questions like, "So how many do you have?" and I ask them how many shoes they have. Or, "You can't afford a new one?" or a whole room for sewing? People don't think anything of a whole huge room for a TV/Home theater. 

Grandson's seam

Two pieces into one!

Tiny piece they found in the scraps and were fighting over. I promised them I would make an ornament for them.

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