Friday, December 13, 2013

Blocks, blocks!

     My mom can sew straight lines, though not a quilter, but garment sewer. For the comfort quilts, I have asked her to sew strips and squares. The exploding squares quilts have light center and dark center blocks. I cut, press, and sort them. I just got back a lot of them. I had to mark and cut them open, press. When pressed here, I probably have enough to make at least 2 quilts. Recognize any fabric donated, Vicki? 
Mixed light centers and dark center blocks
Light center blocks
Dark center blocks

I also used one jelly roll in orange brights from to make 3 Dudes quilt blocks (6 strips sewn together WOF, cut into 12 1/2" squares, one put on top going the opposite way from the bottom one, sew all 4 sides, cut diagonally twice). Here they are on the wall, have to organize them before sewing together.

    I used the left overs from the Exploding Squares Blocks to sew up some piano keys strips that I will use later in a border somewhere.

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