Sunday, December 1, 2013

Quilt Retreat

    Well, I had been closed out of a quilt retreat Thanksgiving weekend, but late on Wednesday, I got a call saying there had been a cancellation. I couldn't stay for Sunday, but I went all day Friday and Saturday. I only knew the woman who had invited me, but it turns out I knew a couple of others and re-acquainted with twins that I had graduated from high school with and had not seen since. What a great couple of sisters and what a wonderful bunch of women to sew with. I was the only one quilting, the rest were piecing. I finished Aurora Aura and am working on finishing Flippin' Nine Patch. I took my trusty 301s with me and was the only one sewing on vintage machines, very happily. The retreat was at a Lutheran camp, Camp Pioneer, in Angola, NY. The weather was spectacular. There had been an early snow, but no wind and sunny skies. I will post some photos here, but all of them on are my Flickr site. The cabins were modern and the staff fed us. There were plenty of snacks to distract. The main room is on the lake and the view is unbelievable. I could just move in.

Deck behind the Sewing Room

Some of the cottages

Friday late afternoon from the deck

Looking towards Buffalo

Too cold to sit on the viewing benches

Back windows of Sewing Room

In the Sewing Room

Saturday Sunset


Peg said...

What an inspiring place! I love the Great Lakes - how nice that you live so close to 2 of them - most plentiful supply of fresh water on the planet.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I can't complain about where I live. I know it is a joke to many but it is beautiful area- the lake, the hills, the parks. It is not that cold and snowy contrary to the media opinions. I am blessed.