Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Projects done and in progress

   I was able to finally lay out the fleece and cut the quillow for my granddaughter. I used two pieces, one larger so I could cut two 18 x 18 squares for the pillow sleeve. I used a plate to trace curves for the corners, looks so much better with curves. I had a little piece left over, so I made her baby a blanket. She is so into baby dolls. My daughter never looked at them. Sewed on the 201 without a skip or miss.
Side with pocket

Side without pocket

Folded quillow in pillow sleeve, baby doll blanket
     The binding for the Comfort Quilt child quilt was finished and hopefully the quilt has reached the little girl.
Back of quilt, fabric donated by Esta

Quilt with Binding
    I bought some parts to fix machines given to me for tuning and with that I bought a marked plate for the 201. I also bought a seam guide from Nova Montgomery to get perfect seams on long pieces and when chain piecing. I used it for adding borders and chain piecing some strips and it works great. I can loosen and move it if I don't want to use it. I like it much better than a 1/4" foot with the blade.
Attached to the 201 with the new marked plate, not silvertone, but shiny

Guide in use doing a long strip
    My daughter's girlfriend had a baby over the weekend. I bought this panel and fabric way back, but forgot or put off making this. I sewed it together today, but don't know if I will have time to back and quilt this before Christmas.

With borders, it is about 40 X 50

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You are so artistic and talented.