Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Comfort Quilt Progress

   The Crumb quilt is totally finished. I just have to sew pockets on the tote bag. It is easier for me to buy the tote bags by the dozen and just put the pockets on. The blocks in the Crumb quilt are all from small scraps that I ask for and make myself. The crumb blocks were all sewn on my treadle. Quilted on a Singer 301. I just leave a pile of scraps on the treadle, and when I need some mindless sewing or have a small portion of time, I keep adding to them. I am working on another crumb quilt, but instead of sashing, I am going to try attic window edges.
  The other quilt is the exploding squares pattern that my mother helps with. She can sew all around a square. I press, cut, and put the third square on, she sews all around again. I press and cut and put them all together with the border. This time, I had my mother help to arrange the blocks. The pindot fabric for the border I had since the 80s. My mother's Brother is from when I was a baby in the 50s and it works fine although I just replaced the knee pedal for her. Now, I need to cut a king size batting into 4 so I have a batting for it. It is just hard to find somewhere to lay out the batting to cut it.
   These are comfort quilts that I bag with a book and card for cancer chemo patients when someone gives me a name or contact. Most of the time, I do not know the person or ever meet them but I know they get comfort from the quilts. I have all the pieces for another one, this time the idea is from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and their video on strips from the Three dudes quilting They use 4 strips in theirs, I used 6 so the blocks when cut diagonally are larger. I just have to sew the blocks together now. Post that soon.
   The Kenmore 158.1654 got its new spool pins and belt and is ready to go through the paces. The 1040 got its handwheel removed and cleaned so the clutch disengages and I can wind a bobbin.
  Still a host of projects staring me in the face.
I know the sides are wonky, I had to photograph it on the floor, standing on a chair.

Detail of corner, faux piping binding

Block and quilting closeup.

Exploding squares, needs backing, binding. Again, could not photograph wonky.

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