Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Baby Quilt

  This baby quilt is for a former student who just had a baby boy. I used a panel piece from Eric Carle in the center and sewed dark/light strips at the sides. I used some wonky star blocks that I had made as a trial to see if I could sew these after reading Gwen Marston's book and looking at tutorials on a couple of blogs. I love the wonky stars, but they are time consuming. I would love a whole quilt of them, but I don't know if I have the patience for all those little blocks. I wanted the quilt to be rectangular so I used a piano key border, sewing longer strips in multiples, then cutting to the 61/2" length and sewing the multiples together. I love the colors and sparkle. I certainly hope the mom and baby feel the same way. This was quilted with Superior So Fine 40 variegated thread. I had mucho tension problems with it. After this quilt, I switched back to Isacord and no issues on the next quilt. No matter how I adjusted top and bottom, changed needles, no consistent good stitiches. This was pieced on one Singer 301 and quilted on another.
The Full Quilt

The Center Eric Carle Panel

The Center with the Wonky Stars
Detail of quilting