Monday, July 22, 2013

Finished Tops

   Finished sewing some quilt tops. The first is an idea from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, the 2 Dudes video-   Instead of 4 strips, I used 6 strips of varying width because I am using scraps and I taught my mother to sew the strips. I did not want her to worry about things matching, and she would. I cut the strips 13" varying from 2 1/4 to 3". After the 6 strips were sewn, I trimmed them to 12 1/2". One block was horizontal, the other laid on top vertical, sewn all around, then sliced diagonally to make the blocks. It has to have a backing and batting, but this will be a comfort quilt. It is about 52"x 60".

   The next quilt is one from McCalls quilt magazine, June/July 2012, called Split Decision. I bought the color fabrics from Vicki Welsh, Vicki Welsh hand dyed fabrics who helped me tremendously in getting the colors I wanted. I can't say enough good things about Vicki's work and service. If you want hand dyed fabric, give her a try. I took a class in to help make it, but most of it was done at home. I am very ambivalent about this quilt. I love the colors, but it looks alot like the photo in the magazine, which really annoys me. I hate to spend all the time on a quilt to make something that already existed. I will back and quilt it. Someone else will love it. I bought the magazine, so if you are dying to make this quilt, I will send it to you for postage.
Closeup of corner

   I probably should have put this Rainbow Quilt at the top, but I am embarrassed. I started it over 20 years ago because I was in love with a couple of Michael James books I have. This was before rotary cutters, etc. I traced cardboard templates and used scissors. After this quilt, I quit quilting for a long time. I never finished the quilting, which was done by hand. In the computer age, I developed carpal tunnel and quit handquilting. But, my wrist is ok now, and I finished the quilting. The wonderful ladies at Pine Grove Quilt Shop helped me pick out the fabric for the border which is a Kaffe Fassett. This quilt I love, the 20 year project.

     Another quilt I showed before, but did not know how to mount, is Tulip Garden. It will be at the Artsphere Gallery on Amherst St. in Buffalo in a show opening July 26th. I sewed a back on the Tulips, slashed a line in the back, turned it, pressed it. Then I made a 17' x 17" pocket that has a sleeve for hanging on the back and inserted a piece of heavy weight interfacing. This lets it hang even and now I can also put it in a quilt show in October. I handsewed the corners of the Tulips to the backing with invisible thread. Need a better solution,


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