Monday, July 22, 2013

Bits and Pieces

   I am still working out in my head to proceed on a few quilts. I get ideas and see things, and then have to figure out how to use them.  When I piece, I use leader and ender fabric which Bonnie Hunter taught me on her blog. This way, I start with 2 squares and end with 2 squares and then make 4 patch leader and enders every time I sew. I have all these neat 4 patch blocks now as a bonus from regular piecing. So, now what to do with them? I made two Wonky Star blocks to try this out. I could make a some more star blocks and then a sash around them all, then 4 patches around maybe. I don't know.
     Bonnie Hunter is also working on 2.5 x 8.5" strips of paper and covering them with crumbs. Four strips make a block. I made two blocks. I don't know how the blocks would go together, sashing around? All of these scrap blocks are sewed on my Singer treadle. I keep a box of scraps on it, and do therapy sewing whenever I need it. I can just leave it on the machine. I don't like sewing on paper, but I am giving it a try.

    The last crumbs I am working on is 6.5" blocks. I love using scraps. My thought is to make a number of blocks and maybe use attic windows to put them together. I don't always like using sashing around because it gets kind of boring and repetitive. The last crumb quilt I did for a comfort quilt had sashing. I thought maybe this might work- I have never sewn the attic window pattern, just this one block. What do you think?

One Attic Window Block


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