Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Antique Lace quilt pattern

     I have no idea how Jenny Doan of MSQC keeps coming up with new ideas. One of her newest is Antique Lace using 2.5" strips. I had just bought 18 Kaffe strips at a downsizing sale. Instead of the white, I opted for Kona Ash because I did not want the white to be so bright, but the Kaffe strips to be more visible. 
    All the strips are sewn on both long sides of the WOF strips (a tube), a solid paired right sides together with the print. I had my mom, the zippy straight seam sewer, do that. The longer part is to cut all the triangles from the strips with the special ruler. The triangles cut at 3" from the seam line and are all trimmed before they are opened and pressed. Taking me a long time. 
    After I trimmed 2 pairs, I cut the necessary solids and made the first big block. I had to use graph paper to make sure I did not mess up the placements. I did one corner a couple of times anyways. I do like the look of it, and now eight more to do. Got to get those triangles trimmed!
The strip tubes sewn, 18 sets
Trimming the triangles with the Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmer at 3" on the seam line
My graph paper cheat sheet
Block number one, eight to go


Debbie said...

This is pretty! Would need that cheat sheet too to keep this going in the right/wrong direction.

Pat McDonald said...

It seems like a fast way to make 1/2 sq. triangles.