Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Summing up- quilting next!

     I was so fortunate to be a part of Wanda's Colorwash 360 class. I made a small colorwash a while back, but I know I needed to have better information and techniques. I have long admired Wanda's work in color and her colorwash quilts of all kinds. 
     Once enrolled in the class, we were given a very specific schedule for lessons, real time conversations, and a very well designed class page- the best I have ever seen. Every lesson had wonderful handouts- excellent layout and instructions for beginning, continuing and finishing. The were lots of videos, examples, and extra materials to make this a deep experience on colorwash. The videos were crisp, specific, information saturated, and so very helpful.  I knew exactly the time frame and how each lesson would unfold. 
     I also had bought some batik squares from Wanda to enrich what I had been collecting. There are more squares to make another one after Christmas. I need more cafeteria trays- they stack so well and the fabric does not slip on them. Here is my tall stack.

    Due to my son's addition (fraught with delays) that causes the grandkids to bunk and eat here, I have not been able to get the quilt basted and quilted. I did pick out and iron a batik for the backing (shown below under the quilt) and am trying Quilters Dream that I bought at Houston for the batting. I also bought Invisifil thread for the quilting there. I even bought basting thread and needles to baste. 
     So I can't thank Wanda and her daughter enough for all the time, details, professionalism, and feedback they poured into this class so that I could learn from the master. I have spent triple to take a class from national teachers plus lodging, travel, food, patterns and fabric and not learned nearly as much and been so thrilled with the quilt. I hope to make many more. Thank you, Wanda!


Quiltdivajulie said...

So well said -it was an excellent class!

Ann said...

A lovely result. Somehow I missed that you and Julie were taking a class from Wanda and was amazed how many colorwash quilts were being made. Wonderful results.

Debbie said...

Wonderful review of class....and an outstanding result. It looks so good as it is but can't wait for the finish.

Mary said...

Beautiful colorwash. As a classmate, I have to agree that it was an excellent experience. I learned so very much!

Preeti said...

Oh Linda, you quilt top already looks gorgeous. I am sure it will be a spectacular beauty once you finish it. I look forward to your thoughts on quilting with the Invisifil thread. I agree with you it was an excellent class.

Mystic Quilter said...

Beautiful colourwash!! So pleased you enjoyed the class with Wanda and I'm pleased to read that this is only the first one of many more.