Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Two finished tops

   I just returned from the International Quilt Festival in Houston on Sunday and the weekend before I attended our fall quilt retreat. I think I am untangling all my stuff from all of that. Normally I would not do so much, but they fell close together and I still think about the Feb. 7th heart attack and how close I was to going nowhere around here, so I went.
     At the retreat, I was able to finish the top, Basket Case. Although simple pieces, it was tricky to put together and I had to pay attention to the diagram for every block. I was going to make it a row longer, but there were only 40 strips in the jelly roll. The pinked edges of the strips drove me mad to keep consistent and a couple of them were not cut even. I dearly wanted the top done to bring home, so it is a square, not rectangle. It is 60 x 60. Maybe I can add a white 3" border all around yet so it is ok for a comfort quilt.
     The other quilt I have made before, Diagonal Variations. It has 2 strip sets sewn, one white-color-white and the other color-white-color. They are put right sides facing each other, sewn in a tube, then cut with a 45 degree triangle. Lots of squaring up before the blocks are sewn. I had all the blocks numbered in order and had to just sew the blocks together for the retreat. I also made seven flannel pillowcases (can't show them yet) for Christmas gifts.
     I can't resist multiple glamor shots while the weather was for one day sunny and dry.


Mystic Quilter said...

Love both of these beautiful quilt - and using KF Collective fabrics - goody!!
The basket weave would keep you on your toes and the pinked edges are why I no longer buy jelly rolls, the end up not quite the 2 and 1/2" they're supposed to be.
Diagonal variations I think I have seen instructions for this one somewhere some time ago, it's very effective. Good for you taking of to Houston I hope you had an exciting time.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Ditto on the jelly rolls - I gave them up and use my own 2.5" strips instead. Two lovely tops - glad you got them done AND went to Houston.

Julie said...

Okay, me, too. No more jelly rolls here either. Frustrating to no end, but I do have some that need to be used up. I think it's just finding the project where the dimensions aren't crucial.

Love, love, the pattern you used, though, and may have to give it a go sometime. So interesting how you used the color to create the framing. Really adds a lot to the overall effect I think.

Good for you to go to the show. I feel the same way about striking out to travel to far off things. I hope it was enjoyable.

Debbie said...

Both turned out wonderful! A small throw works...or a border strip of white and a band of leftover colors and another white band to make a border too. And don't get me going on jelly rolls.....only bought one charm pack, and won a jelly roll......nothing is true to size ever! They were too much to fight so I agree that a FQ is the smallest I will buy.
Now, do share your impressions and experience of Houston.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You fit a lot into a small amount of time but I'm with you about life altering occurrences. We need to do all of the things we really want to do while we're able to do them.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love both of your quilts! I totally agree with you on jelly rolls/layer cakes with "pinked" edges - they are a royal pain and I won't buy them anymore - they're always "short" and not worth the trouble. Now I cut my own - the ones that I still have in my stash will be joining my "wonky strips" tubs if/when I run across them. And I agree with Wanda - "We need to do all of the things we really want to do while we're able to do them." - ;))

Preeti said...

Beautiful day for a beautiful photoshoot. Both quilts are so joyful!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice tops, nice photos.